Weekly Photo Challenge…Urban



This was a bar on the main street in Braddock, Pa, a small town neighboring the town of Rankin, where I grew up.  I managed to get this shot a few months back when driving by, which I do from time to time.  It’s been boarded up for many years like a lot of the older buildings awaiting the wrecking ball in this struggling town.


I remember one day my dad stopped in for a quick beer and brought me along while my mother was grocery shopping next door. I was probably about six years old and I can still see the flooring which was made up of those small black and white hexagon tiles.  Off to the right was the bar where I remember having a glass of ginger ale. It was kind of dark and musty inside and opposite the bar was one of those disc bowling games that my dad let me play a few times before we left.

Turns out, getting this picture was good timing because a few weeks ago when driving thru, I saw that it was gone…reduced to rubble.  I couldn’t believe it was cleared out that quickly.  So, all that’s left is this picture and the memory of going in there one day with my dad.

That building always caught my eye as I drove by.  I like the buildings that have the turret corner…giving it a castle look.  But now that I think about it, might be more about the time spent there with my dad that was the attraction.  I’m glad I took the picture…

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Urban

  1. Hi,

    my name is Terence and I posted this week’s photo challenge. I would like to put together a gallery of (some of) the submissions and wanted to ask your for permission to include your shot! If so, could you send me a link or the file?


    • Yeah, I don’t know if “turret corner” is an actual architectural term or not…lol, but a turret is sort of what it looks like to me. Thanks for taking a look.

  2. It is very nice that you can visit a place from your memory.
    I have so many places in my mind but none of them are existing now.
    As a licensed architect, I always think may be we have to preserve more buildings whenever we can.
    In Japan, most buildings we destroy can survive more than decade without any reconstruction.
    But when an owner changed, usually they demand brand new one…. it is sad.

    • I’d like to see more of the old buildings preserved when possible too…especially the unique ones that add character to a city, town or area. Thanks for your comment.

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