Weekly Photo Challenge…Near and Far

Rankin Bridge


This came to mind when I was thinking about this week’s photo challenge.  Once again, I ended up in my old neighborhood for the subject. The Rankin Bridge connects Rankin and Whitaker in PA. and crosses the Monongahela River.  It is mainly an automobile bridge but used to carry the old streetcars as well.  The tracks have long been removed and the streetcars retired.  During the summer months, much of it’s traffic is from visitors heading to a popular amusement park in the area…Kennywood Park.  I also tried this picture in b/w but I think I like the color version better.  Let me know what you think…

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Near and Far

  1. In my opinion, I would love the picture to be in black and white because it gives a very historical look to the bridge. However, the colour version is lovely too! 😀

    I often have this confusion of choosing which colour adjustment looks better as well. Ha!

    • I think the factor for me was the theme of the challenge…it seemed like the color version showed more depth (far) for some reason. But if it was simply a bridge picture, I would agree and like the b/w better. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • HaHa…I didn’t have to do any climbing or anything like that. There’s a road that runs under one end of the bridge but the trick was stopping the car in the middle of the road, getting out, snapping a quick picture and getting back in the car without holding up traffic. I’m sure the few cars behind me were wondering what I was doing. Thanks for the comment.

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