Weekly Photo Challenge…Mine

A Favorite Photo of Mine…

This photo was taken almost a year ago when I had a chance to play one of the most famous golf courses in the country, Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, PA.  It’s annually ranked as one of the best and toughest golf courses in America.  My friend snapped this shot of me getting out of the hazard known as the “Church Pews”, a large, roughly one hundred by forty yard bunker that features twelve grass covered traversing ridges which come into play on the third and fourth holes.

I was lucky the ball landed where it did and not in the sand.  It was still a tricky shot with the ball setting down a bit on a downhill lie and about six more of these ridges ready to grab my ball if I didn’t hit it clean.  I managed to hit a decent shot in a nice position near the green.

Playing Oakmont was on my bucket list and finally getting a chance to play it was great.  Having this picture of “mine” is a great way to look back on one of my most memorable rounds of golf.

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