Weekly Photo Challenge…Surprise

This challenge takes me back a little over a month ago when I woke up and took a look outside my front door and saw a surprising site.  My mimosa tree was lying in my front yard across my walkway.  Although this wasn’t a complete “surprise”, it wasn’t what I expected to see when I looked out that morning.

I knew the tree was getting there, rotting away at the base and leaning a bit.  So, it was just a matter of time before it came down or I had to chop it down.  It seemed sturdy enough that I thought it would be ok for another year or so.

tree3What I liked about the tree was how a few of the branches arched over the walkway.  I noticed it seemed to be stretching out across the yard a little more lately and I guess the extra weight of the branches is what brought it down.  The good news is that it fell in a perfect spot and didn’t hit the house or pull any wires down.  Now it’s sitting in my wood pile, ready for the fireplace.

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