Weekly Photo Challenge…Beyond

My take on “Beyond” comes from this photo that was taken on a trip to New York a while back.  We made a wrong turn and ended up sitting in a long line of bumper to bumper traffic heading into the Holland Tunnels from New Jersey.  The road was winding down and around to the right and we couldn’t see “beyond” the bend ahead at that point.

Of course many times in this type of traffic, there’s always a few idiots in a big hurry and try and use the side of the road, sidewalk, grass, etc. or in this case the emergency vehicle lane to jump the line and squeeze in up ahead.  We saw one or two do this a little earlier and thought it would be nice if there was a police officer around.

officerAfter creeping along and making it “beyond” the bend, our wish came true.  Up ahead in the emergency vehicle lane was a New Jersey Police Officer comfortably leaning against the trunk of his car.  Let the fun begin!  I watched in my rear view mirror hoping a sucker would come rolling down around the bend in that lane thinking they were getting over on all of us. The anticipation almost felt like being at a sporting event rooting for your team to pull out a win in the last seconds.

We moved up a little more and kept glancing in the mirror as we got closer to the officer’s car…nothing coming from behind…ugh!  Crept up a little more and here we go…a car appeared coming down that lane and around the bend.  Oh yeah!  As the car rounded the bend and the officer came into sight, you could almost feel the panic set in on the driver.  He hit his brakes and immediately put on his left turn signal hoping some kind soul would let him sneak back into the line.  Not going to happen!

The officer calmly raised his hand and gestured with his fingers to “come on down” and like a little kid knowing he had been caught doing wrong, the car crept down to where the officer was standing…BUSTED!  As we went past the stopped car, we gave the officer a thumbs up as he was taking his time writing out a ticket.  For once, justice was served and it made waiting in that long line of traffic a little more bearable and somewhat entertaining.

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