Weekly Photo Challenge…Unique

We have something in Pittsburgh that’s pretty “unique”.  It’s a Primanti Brothers sandwich that’s been a staple here for a long time.  What makes it “unique” is they put the french fries and cole slaw right on the sandwich between two thick slices of Italian bread.


You can have roast beef, corned beef, ham, egg or a variety of other choices but they all come with fries and cole slaw right on the sandwich.  Some people dare to request the fries and slaw on the side but be forewarned, you’ll get the evil eye and in the original location you might even get scolded and your request denied…lol.  If you’re travels ever bring you to Pittsburgh, be sure to give one a try. There are a few locations in Florida and just recently they announced that they would be opening up franchises in several other US cities soon.  Links: Menu – History

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Unique

  1. Cole Slaw and Fries right on the sandwich! I almost fainted looking at that beautiful speciman of food. I want one! Great photo…

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