Weekly Photo Challenge…Eerie


A cemetery around dusk with ominous clouds hovering over gives me that ‘eerie’ feeling.  My main concern was making sure I could get out of there before the automatic gates closed for the evening.  The sign said gates open dawn to dusk daily.  The last thing I wanted to do was spend the night in my car in a cemetery…now that would have been ‘eerie’…yikes!


I’m tossing this 2nd shot in just for fun.  I took this from my car while waiting at a red light and had to move quickly, a little too quickly I guess as evidenced by the light streaks.  This is an old church and there was a little haze that I thought might give it a little ‘eerie’ effect.  With a little imagination, I’m thinking the streaks might even add a little more ‘eeriness’ to the shot…lol.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Eerie

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