Weekly Photo Challenge…Beginning


It’s only the ‘beginning’…only just the start of a cold winter ahead.  The snow has started to fall and the temperatures are falling right along with it.  Next Tuesday, we’re in for -10 degrees overnight and a whopping 0 for a high temp. during the day.  We’re usually pretty lucky here in Pittsburgh, PA, dodging much of the real extreme weather and snow during the winter.  They say the mountains protect us.

For me, getting thru winter is a two-step process.  First get to January 1st without any long spell of real cold temps or big snowfalls.  That’s like over the hump day.  Then, convince myself it won’t be long before a ‘beginning’ of another sort happens…


Opening day of a new baseball season.  The snow around the ‘Stargell’ statue and on  the steps and seats of PNC Park will be melted and the warm sun will be shining down on another fine Spring day…can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Beginning

  1. My, you ARE optimistic! Facing 0 degrees and still thinking baseball 🙂 we’re facing 20 degrees down here in South Carolina and feeling frozen !!! Here’s to spring; can’t come fast enough for me!

    • Once I hit January, golfing in late March and baseball in April just doesn’t seem that far off…at least that’s the game I play in my mind to get thru these cold days ahead…lol.

    • I don’t mind the snow for the most part, just don’t like the big dumps of snow that pile up and hang around what seems like forever. But that’s what makes the seasons fun…about the time you get tired of the cold, it warms up and when you’ve had it with the heat, it cools down. Thanks for the comment.

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