Weekly Photo Challenge…Orange

Orange leaves…remnants of fall.  These guys are tough…hanging on, refusing to go down no matter how cold it gets or how much snow comes down.  They are holding on until the sun of spring melts the snow and only then will they float down to the warm ground below making room for the next generation to come aboard.  Take that, Winter!

Ahhh, March Madness…one of my favorite times of the year.  College basketball at it’s finest,  games on all day and into the night going down to the wire, buzzer beaters, and spring knocking on the door.  Love it!

orange3                          orange4
The ‘orange’ sign we all hate to see when driving.                A bottle of pop…Orange Crush.

Funny when you put a challenge idea in your head how many things just seem to show up. Pulled over to get a quick shot of this ‘orange’ truck.  Probably would not have even noticed it if not for the challenge.

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Orange

  1. I loved he first orange photo. It shows how strong those leaves facing the hard situation ahead. And we, human, should be as strong as it too..
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog..

  2. I really like that basketball photo. The dark orange of the ball, with the stark white sneaks. And the bold black on the ball, with the light hitting it. All on the wood floor. Great composition and light!

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