Weekly Photo Challenge…Early Bird

I often think about getting up early to take advantage of that great early morning light but that’s usually as far as I get.  But with the push of the weekly photo challenge, I ventured out at 6am this morning to get some ‘early bird’  shots.
1pgh            2pgh
I headed to downtown PIttsburgh and got a few pics just as the sun was coming up over the horizon.

3pgh            4pgh
Turns out there was a 5k race and runners were getting ready on the Roberto Clemente Bridge for the 8am start.

6pgh          5pgh
Finally the sun was starting to shine on PNC park and even Maz was getting excited!

7pgh          8pgh
Was here last night to see the Bucs beat the Brewers in a great game. PNC heating up for another one tonight.

9pgh         10pgh
Pittsburgh is the known as a city of bridges and the early morning sun really looks good on them. This early morning thing isn’t all that bad after all…might have to try it more often.  (3of12ts) 🙂

For more ‘Early Bird” shots, click here.

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