Weekly Photo Challenge…Motion

You see a lot of motion in sports so let’s see…
How about a few baseball shots this week to show a bit of ‘motion.’ (4of12ts) 🙂
Getting back to first on an attempted pick off.

motion2            motion3
The pitching ‘motion.’                                                Putting on the brakes!

motion4            motion5
Sliding into second base for the steal.                                     Umpire signals ‘Safe’

For more ‘motion’ shots from this week’s photo challenge, click here.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Motion

  1. Well done Andy 😊. So far you’ve been VERY lucky with the challenge subjects (I’m just sayin’). Still waiting for one that really stresses your creativity LOL. Definitely 4 for 4 so far! (And BTW, love the bright colors in your opening shot and the incredible stretch in the second.

    • Thanks Tina. Agree, first four haven’t been bad even though I wasn’t thrilled with ‘early bird’ last week…lol. Like you, not an early riser when i can help it. If not for this little extra challenge, I don’t think i would have gotten out of bed at 5:30am but it worked out well.

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