Weekly Photo Challenge…Intricate

Baseball, of course!  It’s a very ‘intricate’ game when you think about it.  The complex way the game weaves in all the variables that determine the outcome of a season, game, inning, at bat, and even down to each pitch.

intricate2     intricate3
For starters, a batter comes to the plate with a round barreled wooden bat trying to hit a small round ball thrown by the pitcher on average about ninety miles per hour from an elevated dirt mound, exactly sixty feet, six inches away.

intricate4         intricate5
There’s plenty of strategy discussed and employed by each team in every game and the umpires make fair or foul, safe or out, ball or strike, right and wrong calls and make sure the rules of the game are followed.

So yeah, there are many intricacies in the game of baseball that make it fun and many wits and wisdom’s that are passed down thru the years like make sure to ‘keep your eye on the ball.’    (5of12ts):)

For other views of intricate, click here.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Intricate

  1. OK I have to admit you had to get creative on this one and definitely did so! Excellent response Andy – I’m starting to be glad we didn’t put any money on the bet (or did we?!?!?) Good job!

    • Haha…thanks Tina. You’re safe, we didn’t wager anything on this.:) Just hoping my baseball shot stock holds out for seven more weeks…going to have to get to a few more games soon…lol.

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