Weekly Photo Challenge…Forces of Nature

Back in 2004, Hurricane Ivan dropped a tremendous amount of rain on the Pittsburgh area.  PNC Park, which sits on the bank of the Allegheny river sustained some water damage to the surrounding areas as the river rose above flood stage.

Luckily, the water stopped at about four feet below the level that would have flooded the interior of the ball park.

But when the ‘forces of nature’ strike, it’s great to have a good grounds crew available to take care of things so we can hear the umpire say those words we love to hear…”Play Ball.”   (6of12ts)  🙂

You can see other ‘forces of nature’ shots here.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Forces of Nature

  1. Oh man, that was a true STRETCH, those guys on the mound got nuthin on you Andy. However I must admit it DOES meet the requirement. AARGH!!!!! Well done my friend.

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