Weekly Photo Challenge…Boundaries

A week ago I took a trip out west to California where I had a chance to visit Alcatraz Island, site of the famous prison known as “The Rock.” This week’s challenge…’Boundaries’ is a perfect fit.Alcatraz1
For starters it’s an island so it has a natural boundary of water…the San Francisco Bay.

The guard tower kept watch for anyone trying to escape.

Inside the prison, there are many boundaries which made it impossible to escape…according to the prison administration.

The prison yard where inmates got a chance to get some exercise but with defined boundaries…the high wall, fence, and barbed wire…escape was not an option.

Alcatraz5                 Alcatraz6
The average number of prisoners in Alcatraz was 260 with the maximum of 302 at one time and a total of 336 cells available.

In addition to the physical boundaries, mental boundaries were also imposed as this sign hits home the idea that being incarcerated there was no picnic.

Due to increasing operating and maintenance costs, Alcatraz prison closed in 1963.  In 1972, Congress created the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and included Alcatraz as a part of it turning over the administration of the island to the National Park Service.  If you want to take a tour, here’s a link with all the info…Alcatraz Island

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Boundaries

  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking my poetry entry to Boundaries (with photo). If it fascinating to create words that fit with the word-challenge that is supposed to be for a photo — and then to find the photo that fits too. It’s a double whammy for me 🙂

    I especially enjoy the “return” policy that seems inherent with the cyber world of blogs on wordpress — as in, you stopped by and now I have the opportunity to pay you a visit also. With the photo daily challenge, I especially enjoy seeing the artistic photographic works some post….and others, the words of explanation too. I’ve been to Alcatraz — an amazing site to see. Perfect for the Boundaries challenge. Have you seen the movie Bird Man of Alcatraz? If not, you might find it especially fascinating now that you’ve been to the site.

    Enjoying your blog here over my evening glass of wine…hope you’ll stop by mine again!

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