Weekly Photo Challenge…Happy Place

For this week’s challenge, Krista poses the question, ‘Where do you go when you need to think?’
I like a quiet place where I can lay back and…ok, just kidding.  Still in an Alcatraz frame of mind from my trip there a few weeks ago…lol.

There are a few places I would consider to be my ‘Happy Places’…Place1
Hitting the golf course in the morning for me is a great place to recharge the batteries as they say.  Dew on the grass, sunshine poking thru the morning haze, a nice walk and a little friendly competition with friends.  A great way to start the weekend.

Another place I like to drop by from time to time is a local watershed area  It never fails to put a smile on my face when I walk thru in the morning, especially when there’s a little fog being burned off by the morning sun.

Such a relaxing place where Mother Nature puts on a show every time.

To see other ‘happy places’ from this week’s challenge…click here.

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