Weekly Photo Challenge…Careful

For this week’s challenge, we’re asked to post ‘careful’ shots.  That brought to mind a recent visit to California, specifically the 18th tee at Pebble Beach Golf Course.  I was there to catch a round of the Nature Valley First Tee Open and kinda wandered out on the 18th tee box to take a look…’careful’ not to get tossed out.
The iconic 18th hole requires a ‘careful’ shot off the tee if you have any plans of making par or better.  Get too greedy cutting the corner and you end up in the water.

Too far right and bunkers await you which will make this par 5 a lot longer.

Then there’s the tree in the middle of the fairway to negotiate.

Once safely on the green after a series of ‘carefully’ placed shots, take a moment and enjoy the gorgeous view.

For more takes on this week’s photo challenge, click here.

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