Weekly Photo Challenge…Gathering

gathering1     gathering2
It’s a week before Christmas and I’m not complaining.  Just a few days ago I was able to sneak out of work a little early and get in 9 holes of golf, shoot a two over 38 on a sunny, temps in the mid-sixties day…what’s not to like.

But see, I knew it was coming…yeah it started with a dusting this morning and it’s cold.  Ok, I know, it’s winter (well technically, it doesn’t officially start for a few more days) and the crazy warm weather couldn’t last forever.  So it’s time to start thinking about a special type of “gathering” I start looking forward to around now to help get me thru the winter…

In just a little over three months, the gatherings on the North Shore in Pittsburgh will begin again with the start of another Bucco baseball season…can’t wait.  Let’s Go Bucs!
*Note…just checked the extended weather forecast and it’s going to be in the sixties here again this week.  Ahhh, the power of positive thinking. 🙂

For more shots from this week’s photo challenge, click here.

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