Weekly Photo Challenge…Rare

Finally got around to stopping by the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, Indiana…site of the 1986 movie ‘Hoosiers’.rare1
When I found out this is a community center that anyone can just drop in, take a tour and shoot around, I had to pay this place a visit.  The volunteers are great and really provide a lot of history about the gym and the movie.rare2
Growing up in the era of the ‘bandbox high school gym’, it’s ‘rare’ to see a place like this anymore. The newer modern gyms are bigger and hold more people but to me they all seem to look the same. The old gyms we played on had character and usually were a focal point of the small communities…just like this one. 

Hats off to the Historic Knightstown group for preserving the gym and allowing its history to live on.

I had a great time and felt right at home shooting around in one of the true basketball gems left standing.  Now I have to watch the movie again… 🙂

For more images from this week’s photo challenge…click here.

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