9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Local

    • The Jackrabbits was the name of our high school sports teams Tina. The school closed in the early 70’s as part of a desegregation plan that had us merging with other neighboring schools to form a new district. Not sure what prompted the sign since it’s been so long ago and I’m guessing most of the people living there now probably wonder who they are/were as well. Once in a while I’ll drive thru if I’m heading that way.

      Loretto is about an hour and a half away heading east and the one thing I know is that it’s home to St. Francis University. Is that where you went to school?

      • Wow, I didn’t know he was buried on St. Francis campus, that’s interesting. But funny that his name came up on this post Tina because he was actually born in my hometown of Rankin shown above. His family moved to Pittsburgh when he was nine or ten so he never got a chance to play for the high school Jackrabbits.

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