Weekly Photo Challenge…Magic

I happened to notice two strange piles in my back yard yesterday.

I took a little closer look and noticed one pile seemed to be disappearing in front of my eyes.

The other pile was getting smaller too and lurking around was a suspicious stick-like figure who I think played a part in what was happening.

Next thing I know, both piles were gone…almost like magic.  Hmm, but that stranger was still hanging around.

I turned away for a second then looked back and he was gone too.  All that was left was a sunny 74 degree day in late November…

And when I can get a round in on a warm sunny day near the end of November, that’s what I consider magic!

For more magical entries in this week’s photo challenge…click here.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Magic

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  2. LOL Andy – loved your take on the week’s subject. Good thing the magic contraption freed you up for the day on the links! Surprised it’s so warm up there – thought you were getting snow already!

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