Weekly Photo Challenge…Heritage

This week’s challenge…’Heritage’ takes me back to going to my grandma’s house just about every Sunday where there was always lots of good food and fun.

One thing I remember was my grandpa sitting on his big rocking chair in the basement holding court with my dad and my uncles each nursing a bottle of beer and discussing world issues…lol. Being around five or six at the time, I didn’t participate much in those talks but there was this bottle opener nailed to the wall and a square box under it to catch the bottle caps.

Me and my two cousins used to grab the beer caps out of this box and use a hand operated stone grinder on my grandpa’s workbench to shine the caps.Β  I have no idea why or what we did with them but it seemed to be fun at the time.

So years after my grandparents passed away, I was helping my aunt get the house ready for sale and there it was…

Now it’s nailed to my basement wall and every time I walk by, it puts a smile on my face remembering those Sundays as a kid growing up.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Heritage

  1. Well, who knew you were such a softie Andy!!! Love that you saved and still use the opener. Love even more the story about your Sundays growing up. Nothing like a childhood memory to make us smile πŸ™‚

  2. Now that is not something you see everyday. It looks like a very old-school way of opening beer bottles and I haven’t seen anything like that here in Australia. It looks in very good condition – no rust and maybe it still works πŸ™‚

    • Yep, it’s in good condition and still works. I believe the top part was fairly common around here in those days but I think my grandfather came up with the idea to put the box part underneath to catch the beer caps. Thanks for stopping by Mabel.

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