Weekly Photo Challenge…Order

Baseball can be very order(ly)…here’s a few shots that show how…
Bat(ting) order…bats on display in the window of the Cooperstown Bat Company.

Induction order…plaques of players voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame displayed by year of induction.

Defensive order…L.A. Dodger gold gloves lined up by year awarded.

Breakfast order…sunny morning breakfast at the Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, NY.  Ok, I know that’s a stretch but it’s only a few blocks away from the Baseball Hall of Fame and it was such a nice view and the food was great 🙂

For more shots from this week’s challenge…click here

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Order

  1. Being from South Africa with a British heritage of cricket baseball isn’t big in my life (and now I’ve ruined the friendship). I hev to declare that the breakfast is the most sumptious photo displayed. South Africa is playing India in the ICC Champions trophy (cricket) at the moment and things aren’t looking good :(.

    • That’s ok Abrie, I don’t know a thing about cricket so the friendship can endure….lol. Glad you liked the breakfast shot. It tasted as good as it looked.

  2. The Baseball Hall Of Fame looks very prestigious. Sport is hard to be good at, and athletes do work hard to achieve what they achieve on the field. It is very interesting to see how big baseball culture is in the States. Here in Australia, baseball is nowhere near that popular a sport. That looks like a delicious breakfast to start your day. The scrambled eggs and bacon (?) look so well done 🙂

    • Although baseball still draws a good bit of fans, football is king here now as your football probably is in Australia. And you’re right…scrambled eggs, bacon and fried potatoes, my favorite breakfast 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Mabel.

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