Nine Mile Run Photo Walk…Summer 2017

Went on a photo walk at Nine Mile Run last weekend organized by the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association and led by Martha Rial, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer.

It was a perfect morning…a little fog still hanging around and the sun just starting to burn it off.

So many different photo opportunities…
And this guy with a bird’s eye view taking it in from way up above.

All in all it was a fun day with a very nice group…well worth having to get up at the crack of dawn. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Nine Mile Run Photo Walk…Summer 2017

  1. Great job Andy – some wonderful captures here. Don’t you find you see things you might not otherwise notice when you’re doing a photo shoot with a professional? I know I always do.

  2. Wonderful assortment of perspectives! I was intrigued by the blue circle of bokeh behind a waterdrop in your spiderweb that grabbed my eye. And the warm color tones of the abstract stream view (fifth from the end) – really nice!

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