Weekly Photo Challenge…Lines

For this week’s photo challenge, I thought I’d go with baseball…

There are a lot of different lines in baseball…third base line, first base line, right and left field lines, lineups, and lines in the infield and outfield grass. But then I thought about my visit to the Erie Maritime Museum, home of the Flagship Niagara and I decided to change course.

I remembered all the different lines I saw there as well…

Horizontal lines…

Vertical lines…

Rope lines anchoring all different kinds of things…

More and more lines…

Even have a name for a line…the lead line also known as sounding lines, used to estimate the depth of the water.
If you’re ever in the Northwestern Pennsylvania area be sure to stop by the Erie Maritime Museum.

To see other shots from this week’s photo challenge, click here.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Lines

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