Lens Artists Challenge 15 – Change

This week Amy asked us to use change/changing for the challenge.  So I thought with fall starting, I’d take the obvious route and head out to see if I could find signs of nature making changes for the season.
Even though the weather has begun to change…getting cooler especially overnight, it’s still a bit early here for the fall colors to show.  Not much change to see here yet so I ‘changed’ my mind and decided to go in a different direction.

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to a Wild West Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It’s a nice setup there with all of the old wooden sidewalks and buildings.  Being a fan of the old western tv series, Gunsmoke, it was fun to get a feel for what it was like back then.

It’s the wild west so you have to have a bad guy and some good guys 🙂

Oh, and horses…you have to have horses. It had to be a tough life living in the wild west days and while it was fun to see, I’m glad things ‘changed’ over time.

Thanks to Amy for coming up with the Lens Artists Challenge for this week.

6 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge 15 – Change

  1. Oh my yes Andy. I alway wonder what people would have smelled like since they worked hard outdoors and only bathed monthly or thereabouts LOL! Happy to have been born when I was. Excellent choice for change!

    • Haha…hadn’t really thought about the smell. I imagine between that and all the horse droppings, Dodge City must have had quite the aroma 🙂 When I go on a trip in my car that seems like a long drive, I think about how long and brutal a ride it must have been back in those days in a covered wagon or on horseback…ugh! Thanks Tina.

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