Lens Artists Challenge #16 – Big

For this week’s challenge, Tina asks us to go ‘big’.  For me a place I recently visited comes to mind…Las Vegas!

Everything about this place is big…

The strip is a pretty big place..

Big hotels…

Big lights at night…

Big buildings everywhere…

They even put a big roller coaster on top of a building…yikes!

I can only imagine the amount of big money flowing into this place every day…

It was nice seeing a little of that big money flow in the opposite direction 🙂

Thanks to Tina…Travels and Trifles  for providing this week’s challenge.

7 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #16 – Big

  1. Thanks Tina…I was only there for a couple days so didn’t get to golf but planning on it next time i head out there. I did end up in the plus column but not by much. East Coast – West Coast series…should be fun.

  2. Great choice Andy! Did u come away in the plus column (not counting trip cost of course!)? We lived Vegas and no one was more surprised than me! Did u golf out there? Some great courses.

    Go Sox 😉

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