Lens Artists Challenge #20 – Doors and Doorways

For this week’s challenge, we’re looking at doors and doorways.
I’ve always been drawn to arches that frame a doorway.  This one at the old train station in Pittsburgh has always been one of my favorites.

The vines growing on the side of this old bank in Braddock, Pa. caught my eye in addition to the archway.   As a kid, I remember when this bank was open with people going in and out conducting business, but now sadly just sits here closed awaiting a new tenant or the wrecking ball.

Another doorway with an arch leading into a downtown Pittsburgh church.

And this shot with no archway but a door to the bus station.  In this one, the woman sitting on the side had me wondering if she was waiting for someone to arrive or thinking about going somewhere or was she possibly homeless, which I hoped wasn’t the case. She made it an interesting shot to me.

Thanks to Tina…Travels and Trifles  for providing this week’s theme.  If you’d like to join the challenge, click here for info on the Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #20 – Doors and Doorways

  1. All terrific choices Andy. The opener is a beautiful doorway and your closer makes one wonder about the young girl. Ski hat and flip flops…too young and healthy looking to be homeless I think. Just waiting for her friend, sibling, boyfriend for sure!

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