Lens Artists Challenge #21 – Splash

Looking to find a ‘Splash’ for this week’s challenge.  I love water shots and came up with a few of my favorites.
Caught this guy having fun on a jet ski…those are actually tree trunks in the background reflecting the sunlight but in the shot they kinda look like separate waterfalls adding a nice touch to it.

Saw this pink flamingo enjoying the water at the Columbus Zoo…

The Dancing Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas were a treat to see…

Waves of the Pacific Ocean splashing up against the rocks…

A little story behind this shot…I was downstream about 200 yards when I saw something big and black splashing across the stream.  I originally thought it might be a young bear and hurried to zoom in for a shot before it made its way across. After zooming in, realized it was a just a big dog having fun in the water.

And finishing off with one of the biggest splashes of all…Niagara Falls.  This is one of my favorite shots of the falls.

Thanks to Patti – P. A. Moed – who came up with the idea for this week’s Lens Artists Challenge.

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