Lens Artists Challenge #24 – Seasonal

Here’s a seasonal look from here in my part of the world, Pittsburgh, PA…well, at least as I see it…

As fall comes to a close, It starts to get a bit gloomy. The sun doesn’t show up as often and when it does, it’s not around as long or as warm as it’s been not so long ago.  Still, I hope it stretches out a little longer because I know what’s coming next. I fight it by holding out on wearing a jacket for as long as possible.  It’s my little way of fighting back but I know I can’t win the battle.

Then mother nature can’t decide whether to rain or snow and I know it’s getting closer.
As it gets colder, I know I just have to accept that it’s coming but then I see the forecast and it might hit 60 degrees by the weekend and there’s hope.  Break out the golf clubs for a bonus round…it’s not over yet!

And then one morning it hits…I  wake up and look out the window and it’s all white…ugh!  So there’s no more denial…it’s winter!  I hope to get to the new year without any major snowfalls.  I feel like that’s a win and at that point I’m on the other side of the mountain, rolling down hill to spring.

I fight thru the cold days of January and February and each day it stays light a little longer.  Suddenly 35 degrees in March doesn’t feel as cold as 35 degrees in October. We get that one last heavy wet snowfall that only hangs around for a day or so and there’s a feel of having gotten thru another winter.

Pitchers and catchers report, spring is here.  I like the change to spring the best…it feels more like the start of a new year to me than January 1st.

A new baseball season starts, the golf clubs come out and I know that the rain can’t last forever. Summer is right around the corner.

And before you know it, a different season starts and summer is coming to a close.

And I start the process all over again 🙂

Thanks to Tina…Travels and Trifles for this week’s Lens Artists Challenge theme.

4 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #24 – Seasonal

  1. Ah Andy, how well I remember seeing your version of seasons in the northeast. As a student in Loretto I remember it snowed at graduation in May 😫😫. Jersey wasn’t much better. Lost our largest tree in a freak April 1 wet snow. Now we only worry about hurricanes 😱😱. Enjoyed your seasonal sports analogy too

    • Yep, you know what it’s like Tina…although we’re a little more protected here than the Loretto area. And back in the college days, I think I remember snow being a fun thing…lol.

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