Lens-Artists Challenge #26 – 2018 Photo Review

To wrap up 2018, Leya asks us to take a look back on some of the shots and moments we remember most from this year.  Here’s a few that stood out for me…

Watching my great-nephew (#9) in town from S. Carolina playing in a local hockey tournament.

Seeing the command module Columbia from the Apollo 11 mission on display at the Heinz History Center.

Taking a shot from the 18th tee at Rum Pointe in Ocean City, Maryland where I shot a 2 over par 74  during a summer getaway.

My best photo experience this year was taking a photo tour of the Carrie Furnace site in my old home town of Rankin, Pa.

Three hours of shooting with access to almost everywhere.  I really wanted to go into this area further but it was roped off and there was a “no questions asked you’re out policy” if caught in a restricted area.  And since I haven’t had a tetanus shot in a long time, it probably wasn’t a good idea anyway 🙂

Tons of photo opportunities…so much fun!

So onto next year…thanks to Leya, Tina, Patti and Amy for keeping the Photo Challenge going.  And here’s wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2019 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #26 – 2018 Photo Review

  1. All in all a terrific year Andy! And who knew you had family in South Carolina?! Perhaps a visit down here might mean a round or two on Kiawah’s courses?! Happy shooting in 2019 – BTW are those BATS?!?!?!? Happy New Year!

    • Yep, my nephew is on the other side of your state in Greenville but taking the scenic route to play a round on a nice course is never out of the question…lol. First glance I thought the same thing, bats! But its actually some kind of insulation or gunk leaking out of the pipes. Enjoy the new year Tina 🙂

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