Fresh Start…Week 1 – 2020

I slacked off quite a bit on posting shots last year.  Just couldn’t find the time to do it and before you knew it, the year was over. Yeah, I know…no excuses.  My camera is crying out for attention so with the start of the new year, time to get back into the weekly posting routine again.

Nothing like starting the New Year with ribs from Big Rigs BBQ…a new place that opened up not long ago in my area and has quickly become a favorite of mine.

We’re off to a foggy start this year, more fog than snow and I’m not complaining one bit.  🙂  I’m sure the white stuff will be coming soon and I’m in no hurry to see it.

One thing I did do last year was set a goal to read twenty five books.   I managed to finish up book number twenty five in mid-December.  As I finished each one, I set it on top of my bookshelf to make it easy to see my progress.  So now it’s time to make those disappear and start over again and see if I can get another twenty five in this year.

5 thoughts on “Fresh Start…Week 1 – 2020

    • Thanks Tina, a few stood out…Meet You in Hell by Les Standiford – the times of Carnegie and Frick in the local steel industry, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by Brian Kilmeade and Coach Wooden and Me by Kareem A. Jabbar – Always liked UCLA/Wooden and this book got me to be a little more of a Kareem fan.

      • I think my husband would love the Kareem book. Thanks for the idea! My school (St Francis, Loretta) was very close to a Carnegie estate. Those times in the US were fascinating. We’ve been to Rockefeller’s magnificent estate in NC also. They really were like royalty

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