Lens Artists Challenge #83…Future

Our take on Future is what Ann-Christine suggested for this week’s Lens Artists Challenge.  I usually don’t like to look too far ahead but I can take a peek a few months down the line…

The snow is slowly melting away and there’s another baseball season right around the corner.

In the not so distant ‘future’, fans will be strolling across the Clemente bridge again heading to opening day.

Seeing the statues of Maz, Roberto and Willie will evoke memories of seasons past when we actually competed for first place.  The current ownership’s approach of trying ‘to catch lightning in a bottle’ with players who are projects or prospects is a little disappointing.  As a fan, it’s pretty much gotten to the point of hoping to stay interested until August when Steeler training camp opens.

But hey, it’s still baseball and you never know what the ‘future’ holds for the hometown team.  One thing’s for certain…we’ll be tied for first place when the season starts…Let’s Go Bucs  🙂

Thanks to Anne-Christine for this week’s Lens Artists Challenge.

10 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #83…Future

  1. When I took a first glance at the photo of PNC Park from the water I thought it was Oracle Park where the Giants play. There is a similar view across Willie McCovey Cove. It’s almost uncanny.

    Unfortunately I know what the future holds for our own hometown team and it’s not pretty so we’re taking our baseball show on the road to tour some stadiums and PNC might be one of them.

    I enjoyed this post and I enjoy your work. Keep doin’ it.

    • Thanks Paulie, appreciate that. And you’re right about PNC and Oracle Park being almost identical. I was out your way a few years ago and did the West Coast tour, Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Oakland Coliseum and at the time, AT&T Park in SF. Absolutely loved watching a game there. If you do decide to catch a game here, make sure you come from downtown across the Clemente bridge. It’s pretty cool as you’re walking down the street toward the bridge and all of a sudden this ballpark appears.

  2. LOL, tied for first again – good for you Andy! My husband’s die-hard Sox allegiance is being sorely tested this year with the Mookie debacle. But hey, hope springs eternal! BTW I didn’t realize they’d renamed the bridge, that’s super.

    • They renamed it shortly before opening PNC Park and they close it to cars on Pirate game days so you can walk across it as you go to the game…pretty cool. I’m sure your husband and a lot of Sox fans aren’t happy with dumping Betts. Will be interesting to see what the ‘future’ holds for MLB. Gonna see a lot of empty seats here this year.

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