Lens Artists Challenge #84…Narrow

This week’s photo challenge is a tough one.  I couldn’t think of anywhere to go to get any shots that I felt would work and looking back thru my archives, I only managed to come up with a shot I took hiking up a narrow path on the side of a mountain in California.

But then I remembered a trip that I took a while back to India and possibly another angle for the challenge.  It was a photo workshop and we set up camp for a couple days of photo exploration.  The first day went well, getting a fair amount of shots in the forest.  Day 2 changed up a bit when I decided to take a short hike myself to get a few extra shots.  Not being familiar with the area, I didn’t want to get too far away from camp but getting caught up in taking pictures as we all do, I strayed a little too far.  I came up on a little rise and looked ahead and saw two eyes looking right at me.

I froze for a minute, not sure what to do next.  I knew not to run but I also had this thought of him sitting there waiting for dinner to come by and I didn’t want it to be me!  So I calmly backed away very slowly…after snapping the picture of course.  Maybe he wasn’t hungry but he just sat there and that was a good thing.  As soon as I felt I was out of his sight, I turned and ran back to camp as fast as I could. It was a ‘narrow’ escape, whew!

Ok, if you didn’t already figure it out, that didn’t really happen. I’ve never been to India and the story is a fake, although I did take the fall shot.  And thru the wonders of Photoshop, I dropped in the Bengal tiger for effect…lol.  Hey, I said I couldn’t come up with much for this week’s challenge so I had to put my imagination to work a bit on this one 🙂

Thanks to Amy for this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge idea.

4 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #84…Narrow

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  2. Well Andy, I’ll admit I said OMG out loud twice. First at your amazing tiger encounter and then at your admission that it never happened😊😊. You got me fair and square and I truly enjoyed it👏👏👏

    • LOL…I didn’t think I’d get you Tina. I thought once you saw the picture that you’d say, “Wait a minute” and take a closer look. It did come out better than I thought and it does look like he’s just sitting there. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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