Lens Artists Challenge #87…Reflections

This week’s guest host, Miriam, is challenging us to post shots that show reflections.  I was a little early with this reflection shot that I posted last week…lol. But here’s a few more for this week’s challenge.

This shot from one of my favorite spots…Nine Mile Run, showing reflections in the morning sun.

This shot had me checking twice as to where the branches end and the reflections start.

A nice fall scene of reflections.

And a little different take…this guy possibly reflecting on something as he takes in the amazing view.

Thanks to Miriam, The Showers of Blessings, for offering up this week’s Lens Artists Challenge theme 🙂

16 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #87…Reflections

  1. I saw your capture last week, Andy and I chuckled a little bit because it was such a great capture for this week’s challenge. I’m glad you included the link here. The misty morning is refreshing for a walk or run in the Nine Mile Run. I had to look hard in the second photo also. The third reflection is marvelous that the reflection blended in with the land one could easily think the land reflection is part of the land. The last photo is so fitting for the reflection!

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