Lens Artists Challenge #88…Chaos

This week’s photo challenge offered by Ann-Christine is ‘Chaos’ which certainly comes to mind with the coronavirus wreaking havoc around the world.  I happened to be looking thru some old prints and came across a few from my nephew’s birthday pool party that somehow went down that path a bit.

Everything started out nice and calm…

Kids swimming around, having a good time…

But then, all it takes is one to get things started. Now I may have mentioned to him to kinda run and jump into the pool.  I think there may have been a sign that sorta frowned on that activity 😦

Before you knew it, there was another getting into the act…kids!

Then shortly after the warning by management, the chaos started. I think I may have asked them to do a group shot or two…I don’t know, it was a long time ago.  But luckily no one was kicked out and it was time for birthday cake before the idea of that railing around the track above the pool gave me, I mean them any other ideas 🙂

Thanks to Ann-Christine for this week’s photo challenge idea.  Hope everyone can stay safe and healthy while we get thru this trying time.

10 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #88…Chaos

    • Who me? lol. Things are starting to get a bit crazy with the panic buying…empty shelves, places closing, etc. Doing ok so far but unfortunately, I think things will get worse before they get better. How are you guys doing in SC?

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