Lens Artists Challenge #89…A River Runs Thru It

This week Amy is looking for river shots and stories.  Pittsburgh is known for it’s rivers.
Three in particular…the Monongahela on the left and the Allegheny on the right which come together at The Point where the fountain is to form the Ohio River.

Two of our professional sports teams, the Steelers and Pirates, play right on the river bank.

With rivers come bridges, and we certainly have more than our share.

The downtown bridges are all painted gold to tie in with the colors of the pro team uniforms. As the saying goes here, “Pittsburgh sports fans bleed black and gold” 🙂

The Clemente Bridge is usually the center of many of the downtown activities like charity races and bridge parties.

Both the bridges and the rivers add a nice touch to the city skylines.

Thanks to Amy for this week’s Lens Artists Challenge theme.

5 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #89…A River Runs Thru It

  1. Ha. GREAT photos. My old, old, old hometown. Haven’t been back for 50-60 years. Forbes Field as I recall was the old baseball field. Dad worked for USSteel in the 60-story? Steel Building. I worked one summer in the Homestead Steel Mill, since torn down I hear. Thanks for the great update.

    • Thanks John…an original Pittsburgh guy. You’re right, the Pirates played at Forbes Field in Oakland. I saw my first baseball game there. They knocked it down and built Three Rivers Stadium, knocked that down after 30 years and built PNC Park. There’s a strip mall and some townhouses where Homestead Mill used to be.

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