Lens Artists Challenge #90…Distance

This week’s Lens Artists Challenge theme from Tina is about distance.  I’ve been working from home this past week and will do the same in the upcoming week so I am trying to practice the safe distance rule as best I can.  Hopefully if enough people do this, we can shake this thing and get back to some sense of normalcy soon.

As far as the challenge goes, my thoughts about distance brings to mind my camera.  I have a Canon SX50hs, a bridge camera that has an incredible 50x optical zoom lens, with 4x digital zoom giving the camera a reach of 200x. It can close the “distance” on a subject very easily. Here’s a few examples…
First a couple moon shots, craters and all…hand-held, no tripod.

If you’ve been to my site a few times, you know I’m a bit of a baseball fan 🙂  From the upper deck, I was able to zoom in and prove the umpire right in the first shot…he was called out as the evidence shows his fingers inches from the bag while the tag was applied.  In the second shot, the ump got it wrong, calling him out but if you look closely you’ll see the Dodger 2nd baseman’s foot is off the bag and Polanco should have been safe.

I took this shot at Dodger stadium in LA a while back. To the lower right of the red Coca-Cola sign there’s a light blue Bud Light sign. Behind it there’s a couple signs hanging from a silver pole.

Full zoom from the same spot…this is what they say! Love the distance this camera can cover and still provide a decent quality shot.

Thanks to Tina for coming up with this week’s Lens Artists Challenge.

6 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #90…Distance

  1. Andy – that zoom in on the sign really told the story! Great idea; I envy you your lens my friend. Hope baseball comes back soon. I know my husband is totally frustrated. Small pleasures sadly missed. Hope you’re staying safe out there.

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