Lens Artists Challenge #92…Go Back

This week John poses an interesting challenge asking us to post some shots from a place or places we revisited over the years.  For me it was a trip back to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY that seems to fit this challenge.

I’ve been to Cooperstown twice over the years…once in the late seventies and then back again two years ago. The shot above at the entrance to Doubleday Field is not what it appears.  When me and a friend went there the first time, we had a picture taken at the entrance.  So when I went back a few years ago, I had an idea and had my picture taken in the same spot.

When I came home, I dug up the original shot of me and my friend and scanned it in.  Then I took out my friend and dropped myself in his place from the latest shot.  So what you see is the nineteen or twenty year old me standing at the same entrance next to the current me some forty years later.  Then my nephew added the finishing touch…on the left is the car I had back then and he photoshopped in the back of the car I have now on the right…very cool.

Thanks to Johnbo for this week’s photo challenge theme.

10 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #92…Go Back

  1. It’s a sad fact that I went to school in Oneonta and never went to the Baseball Hall of Fame. But I will go! I like your idea of combining the 2 visits. Great idea.

  2. Great idea! Really cool about adding the car as well.

    Visiting there is on my list for visiting New York state. I had plans for sometime in the next year or so, but now, I wonder if that will happen anytime soon.

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