Lens Artists Challenge #93…Morning

This week’s challenge by Ann-Christine takes a look at morning. For me an ideal morning is waking up early and meeting up with a few friends at a place that makes it all worthwhile…

A place where there’s plenty of green grass and trees and birdies. Maybe even an eagle if we’re lucky.

And water and sand.Ā  Where that early morning sun feels just right.

And for about four hours or so, nothing else matters and you’re glad you got up early to be there.

With the coronavirus keeping the courses here closed, I’m hoping it won’t be much longer before they’re back open and I can get out there and enjoy one of those beautiful mornings again šŸ™‚

Thanks to Ann-Christine for this week’s Lens Artists Challenge idea.

9 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #93…Morning

  1. Beautiful mornings they are – so my husband tells me too. He doesn’t consider himself a golfer, but loves walking there in the silence. Lovely feeling and light, Andy, hopefully you will soon be there again!

  2. It seems so unfair that after waiting through a long winter the courses are closed as spring arrives Andy. Hoping you’re able to get out there sooner rather than later. You make me forget all about the bogeys and double-bogeys. Just being out there is the real gift.

    • I feel like we’re being dealt a double bogey here after waiting thru winter only to find out we have to wait longer…ugh! But you know the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans”. Just have to hang in there Tina and agree with you, we’ll appreciate just being out there so much more. And remember, no double bogeys šŸ™‚

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