Lens Artists Challenge #95…All Wet

For the challenge this week, Tina wants us to post a few shots with a water theme…

Here’s a scan of an old shot I took during a rain delay at a Pirate game at Three ‘Rivers’ Stadium.  We were hanging out waiting for the rain to stop and the ground crew to clean things up so the game could continue.

I’ve been pretty lucky with the weather at outdoor events I’ve attended over the years, but this one time at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, the odds finally caught up with me and the rain came down.

Luckily, it wasn’t a washout and these kids really got after it to get the courts ready to go.  Unfortunately, as soon as they had the court dry and ready, it started to rain again…ugh!  But it wasn’t long before the skies cleared and play was able to resume.

Thanks to Tina for providing this week’s idea for the Lens Artists Challenge.


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