Lens Artists Challenge #101…A Single Flower

The Lens Artists Challenge this week is a request by Cee for A Single Flower.  I don’t know much about flowers and don’t shoot them very often but it’s funny how things just sort of show up when the challenge subject is floating around in my head.  I was in my car and came up on a line of traffic at a red light.  I looked over to my right and there it was…

A single flower posing for a picture. Actually, I think a lot of people here in the US don’t consider a dandelion a flower but rather a weed…close enough.  I had to act fast, took my camera out of the bag and got a quick shot just as the light changed…mission accomplished 🙂

Thanks to Cee for providing this week’s idea for the Lens Artists Challenge.

10 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #101…A Single Flower

  1. I had the same thought Abrie did Andy. But your shot kind of tells a story of perseverance with that little bloom stubbornly poking thru the urban sidewalk. Glad to hear you thought of us 😊

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