Lens-Artists Challenge #119 – My Hideaway

This week the Lens-Artists challenge is about your favorite hideaway or safe place where you can go to escape from it all.  This was a tough one so I have to lean on sports a bit to pull this one out.

I spent a whole lot of time as a youngster and beyond on the basketball courts…probably too much time.  It’s a wonder that my knees haven’t completely blown out by now…lol.  Anyway, sports can provide that feeling of getting away from it all while you’re out there playing and competing.  For me, basketball was that game.

A few years back I went to visit the Hoosier gym in Knightstown, Indiana where they filmed the movie Hoosiers.  As I walked out onto the court, I got the feeling of being home even now long after I’ve quit playing.  Pretty much any gym will do that to me.  I guess it’s a feeling of comfort and familiarity with a lot of great memories tossed in.

And now there’s another favorite hideaway/escape that I enjoy…the golf course 🙂

Thanks to Ann-Christine for this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge theme.

10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #119 – My Hideaway

  1. I knew Tina would love your post!! You both share a love of golf. It’s wonderful that you have an escape in sports. I felt that way, too, after a good run or a good swim. I wish I could still run….but the knees can’t handle it.

  2. Lovely, bright shots – and I can easily understand your feeling there…my father is now 87 but still gets this feeling when watching his old sports on TV or on his PC.

  3. Love those autumn leaves surrounding the course Andy. As for me, when I think of basketball I remember my cheerleading days. I actually did grade school, HS and college. Picture this – 8th grade gangly, gold satin blouse with peter pan collar, a blue jumper down past our knees (catholic school of course) and white buckskin shoes. REALLY????? 😂😂. I’d sure love to have a photo of myself in THAT getup!!

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