Lens-Artists Challenge #122…The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

We’re looking for the sun in the Lens-Artists Challenge this week.Β  For photographers, it’s all about that time when the sun makes it’s entrance and exit each day that we like the best…

Early morning rays…

Lighting up the trail…

Closing out the round…

Daytime fading…

Sunset on the water…

Thanks to Ana of Anvica’s Gallery for coming up with the Lens-Artists Challenge idea for this week.

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #122…The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

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  2. Ah your two first ones look just like home to me – so lovely! And I must agree with some other commenters – to actually See the sunrays is a wonder in itself.

  3. Beautiful sunshine Andy – somehow I knew you’d have at least one shot from the course 😊. Especially loved your opening suns’s rays as well as your closing sunset shot.Well done.

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