Lens-Artists Challenge #126 – The Letter A…

The challenge this week is to find shots that feature the letter ‘A’.  After a little searching, managed to find a few that fit…

Starting off with astronaut Neil Armstrong.  This shot is from the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh when they had the Command Module Columbia on display as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission.  I thought this was a cool shot of him on the elevator doors.

And here’s the actual Command Module Columbia that took them to the moon and back…amazing.

Time for a little baseball…a shot of the entrance to the Los Angeles Angels ballpark.

And another California ballpark, the Oakland Coliseum…home of the Oakland A’s.

And one more ‘A’…Alcatraz.  A shot from the ferry boat on my way to visit the former prison a few years back.

Thanks to Patti for the theme for this week’s challenge.

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #126 – The Letter A…

  1. Excellent examples Andy with an A! Loved the history of your opening images – such a special moment. Don’t you remember it as if it were yesterday? And of course am happy to see you’ve included some baseball images – your trademark!

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