Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #146 – Focusing On The Details…

This week the photo challenge is all about the details. Patti is asking us to show the details in our shots and that made me think about the old train station in downtown Pittsburgh.

The building has been converted to luxury apartments now known as The Pennsylvanian but you can still catch a train here thru Amtrak.

The rotunda has been designated as a historic landmark.
It’s an amazing place. They’re setting up for a wedding reception in this shot.
Here’s a look up at the domed ceiling.
This clock at the top of the arch always makes me think of people walking (or running…lol) up to the station and taking a glance at it to see if they’re on time to catch their train.
More incredible detail inside the rotunda. They certainly did pay attention to details when they were building these historic train stations across the country. Hats off to the various historic groups that do the work to save them from being torn down.

Thanks to Patti for the photo challenge theme this week 🙂

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #146 – Focusing On The Details…

  1. Um…I’m wondering if the architect also designed Grand Central. The architectural details look similar. You’ve selected a marvelous place, Andy. The rotunda is fabulous, as well as the clock. Thanks for the tour!!

  2. Beautiful Andy – but seriously don’t the people in the expensive apartments above hate the sound of the trains coming through??? I used to love going through the Amtrak stations in NYC and in Philadelphia, which I used often. Two incredibly beautiful examples of historic architecture restored to their former beauty. I’m sure PGH is much the same.

    • Yeah, I was wondering about that too Tina…not sure if that’s something I would get used to although I could get used to being in that building. It’s amazing but all things considered too pricey 🙂

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