Lens-Artists Challenge #149 – Cool Colors – Blue and Green

Looks like we’re in search of colors this week for the photo challenge. Tina is looking for the cool colors of blue and green in our shots. I think I am going to have to head west for this challenge. The first stop is the Western and Southern Open in Mason, Ohio…just outside of Cincinnati.

The tennis center is all decked out in blue with a nice touch of green around the court. Just about all of the top ranked men and women players come here each year. It’s really a great place to watch tennis.
This guy was nice enough to wear a blue shirt, shoes and wristband for the photo challenge 🙂
Heading to the west coast for a little baseball. The LA Dodgers have a lock on the color blue and they do it right. The blue in the stadium and the perfect green grass is really a nice combination.
And they take it up a notch with the Dodger Blue uniforms.
I’ll finish up with a couple scenics from the west coast. The blue sky and ocean at Venice Beach with a little green added by the palm trees.
And a beautiful clear blue sky above a sea of green on this California farm.

Thanks to Tina of Travels and Trifles for coming up with the theme for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week.

12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #149 – Cool Colors – Blue and Green

  1. That was quite nice of the tennis player to don some blue amid all that green – it was Perfect for the theme this week – as were the other photos –
    But really liked the action you grabbed and the vibrancy if that photo

  2. Great selections. Love the Western & Southern shots. Haven’t been there but we are ardent tennis watchers. Great capture on that server’s form.

    • Thanks John…the W&S is a great venue. I used to go to the US Open in NY but this place is closer, less expensive and they bring in just about all of the top 20 men and women so this is where I get my tennis fix each year 🙂

  3. Well done Andy. Somehow I thought we might see some sports colors but you surprised me with the tennis! Didn’t know you followed it. And how nice of the Dodgers to dress in color for you this week 😊. You gave me a smile when you added your lovely western landscapes to your sports colors – excellent variety !

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