Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #150 – Let’s Get Wild!

The photo challenge this week by Dianne of Rambling Ranger is to post shots of Mother Nature allowed to get on with her work without human help or hindrance. A while back, I was at the Carrie Furnace Steel Mill in Rankin, Pa. It’s been closed since the late 70’s and much of it has been torn down. What I witnessed was Mother Nature’s army methodically taking over what is left of the mill…

The lookout resting innocently on a window sill at the main gate.
The grunts on the ground cutting off supply lines.
A field unit with orders to take control of the heavy equipment.
The leaders spouting out orders and overseeing the operation from above.
Another crew turning off access to vital resources.
And finally, bringing down the headquarters…close to securing victory. Luckily I got out safely without being seen. It’s a story that needed to be told 🙂

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #150 – Let’s Get Wild!

  1. We have a similar situation in the small town where I grew up Andy. It’s an old, long-abandoned mill formerly owned by Michelin Tire which pretty much created the town. There was talk of turning it into one of those fun artsy places with shops and restaurants but the buyers determined there was too much toxicity in the site for it to be safely used. Since the, like your steel mill, nature has very much taken over and shown who, in the end, is victorious! Your images provide a wonderful perspective on the power of nature to defeat man’s attempt to tame her. A very creative approach to the challenge which makes a very clear statement – nicely done!

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