Lens-Artists Challenge #152 – Shades and Shadows

It’s all about “Shades and Shadows” for the photo challenge this week. So that means I have to look to one of my favorite places where the sun shines and the ‘Boys of Summer’ are playing…yep, the old ballpark.

Gotta be tough to track down a line drive with that sun right in his eyes.
The late afternoon or early part of the evening games can bring long shadows from the setting sun.
Pitching into the shadows can sometimes be a problem for the batter trying to pick up the ball as it comes at him from light to dark at around ninety miles per hour.
Ahhh…managed to catch both ‘shades and shadows’ in this shot from Dodger Stadium.
Well, I guess it’s time to close the ‘shades’ on this post 🙂

Thanks to Ann-Christine for the theme for the photo challenge this week.

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