Lens-Artists Challenge #167 – Colors of Autumn

The challenge this week from Amy is a seasonal one where she’d like to see our colors of autumn shots. While it is autumn according to the calendar, the colors here won’t start showing up for another couple weeks or so. We’re starting to see a few leaves on the ground but everything is still pretty green so these shots are from fall of last year.

Nothing like a nice walk in the woods this time of year.
Never know what you might see hanging around.
My favorite fall tree color in a serene setting by the water.
A burst of fall colors…
The golf course..perfect place to see the colors of autumn and with that I know it’s almost time to pack away the clubs until next spring 😦

Thanks to Amy for the challenge theme for this week.

4 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #167 – Colors of Autumn

  1. How wonderful to see your post again, Andy. Your images are like a beautiful paintings of autumn. We probably won’t see any fall colors until the end of October or November. But, the summer heat is over.

  2. Thanks Tina, had an ISP mess (crawling internet) that took almost two months to get straightened out. Then I just got lazy trying to get back to posting again. Yeah, putting the clubs away is never easy. Hoping it stays warm enough till at least mid November. When do you call it quits for the season in SC?

  3. How nice to see your name pop up this week Andy! Loved your autumnal colors – they take me back to my days in college (hard to believe I still remember them LOL). Autumn in western PA was incredibly beautiful but in my memory much too short! No sadder sentence than “time to put the clubs away” 😢

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