Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169 – The Ordinary

The photo challenge for this week is to post some shots of things we generally look at as ordinary. I think one of the more fun and rewarding aspects of photography is being able to capture what appears ordinary to most and turn it into an interesting photo. For me that starts with light and of course that’s what photography is all about.

Light sitting on a chair…
Shapes of light thru curtains…
Window light across a doorknob…
Kitchen sink at night…

Thanks to I. J. Khanewala for the photo challenge theme this week.

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169 – The Ordinary

  1. The curtains photo felt like A “dali” kind of dripping piece! So cool
    And there was a classy feel to the chair and doorknob and the stillness of the sink shot made for a nice post

  2. Beautiful studies of light. I love the warmth of that light on the chair and the doorknob, the abstract pattern of the curtain in light, and the relaxed feel of shutting down at the end of the day in that last photo of the kitchen sink.

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